31st JULY 2016, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM


The National Achievers Conference brings you the opportunity to achieve amazing results in your personal life, business, finances and health by bringing the world's leading experts in these fields and top inspirational speakers to you at this amazing 1-day event.

Dr John Demartini

Human behavioural specialist and Best Selling Author

Dr. John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute, international best-selling author, educator and business consultant working with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports personalities. He provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in numerous keynote presentations, workshops, television, radio and print interviews, published books, CDs, DVDs and online downloads. Globally he has worked with individuals and groups across all markets, sectors and age groups including government leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, psychologists, health professionals, teachers and young adults, assisting and guiding them to greater levels of achievement, fulfillment and empowerment in all areas of life.

Kevin Green

Kevin Green

UK's Largest Property Landlord & Business Coach

He is one of the UK's largest residential property landlords and a multi-business owner. Kevin is a member of the panel advising Edwina Hart (Welsh Government Minister for Economy, Science and Transport) on empowering and implementing entrepreneurship from primary school level through to adults. Kevin is very proud of this prestigious position with the Entrepreneurship Panel for Wales as it fits his aim of helping people into business. Kevin is a member of the Planning and Resources advisory board at Coleg Sir Gar (Carmarthenshire College), helping shape the brighter future for further education in South Wales. He is also the chair of the Big Ideas Wales Challenge and a Welsh Government 'Dynamo' role model. He helped launch the Swansea-based Entrepreneurship Academy for Wales (attached to Swansea College).

The 50-year-old dyslexic, who featured on Channel 4's Secret Millionaire, was homeless in 1988. Today, his property portfolio runs into the hundreds. He has a wealth of experience in the property investment world and heads a number of successful companies and other non property related businesses. He is also involved in business coaching under his own brand of Kevin Green Wealth (KGW). Before making his fortune in business he was a successful dairy farmer. In 1999 he won a Nuffield Scholarship in agriculture. He studied the attitudes and personalities of high achievers and was the chair of the 'Grazing Dragons' discussion group from 1996 to 2000. He interviewed Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and other millionaires for his Nuffield Scholarship project. During the study, he learned the simple principles for success. He bought his first property soon after, using credit cards to bridge finance the deposit of a buy-to-let mortgage. After quickly renovating it and selling it at a profit, he bought a second. The rest is history. Kevin has had an active involvement with the homeless charity Shelter, The Wallich charity, Llanelli Women's Aid and many other housing charities and organisations. Kevin continues to thrive in business and chooses to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge and wisdom. His speciality talks include motivation, empowerment and coaching and he enjoys giving businesses and organisations an insight into what it takes to be successful in today's challenging business world. The wealth guru loves to educate, motivate and inspire others and his passion and enthusiasm is quite infectious. His down to earth approach is often referred to by those who know him as 'exactly what it says on the tin'. These qualities have catapulted him into worldwide demand as a speaker at conferences, dinners and seminars. Kevin has travelled throughout the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand in the past year and has spoken alongside Sir Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar. He's even shared a stage with former United States President Bill Clinton. Some of his clients have included British Airways, Yorkshire Bank, Welsh Development Agency, UK Techniums and Triumphant Events. Kevin is a regular commentator on property and business for a cross-section of UK and international media resources. He regularly appears on TV and radio, commenting in both English and Welsh. The dad-of-three is an ambassador to the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity and has personally contributed more than £300,000 to the fund. He is also a member of The Professional Speaker's Organisation and a patron of the Ray Gravell Trust.

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Peng Joon


After working in management for three companies that downsized and laid-off most of its employees, Robert Riopel decided to take control of his own destiny.

At 23, Robert purchased a franchise pizza business, turning it into an extremely profitable enterprise. Using the knowledge he gained, he went on to take six other stores from near bankruptcy to high profits.

Unfortunately, as his income skyrocketed, so did his unconscious habit of spending all he earned. He eventually wound up $150,000 in debt. However, by using #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Peak Potentials Training Inc., T. Harv Eker’s principles, he went from deep debt to being financially free by age 32.

Robert came out of retirement to become the lead trainer for Peak Potentials. With his heart-felt style, he now teaches the same principles that have changed his life and the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Trader, Author, Money Manager, Educator & Speaker

Courtney Smith is a trader, author, money manager, educator, and speaker. He is the only person in history to have a high ranked mutual fund, stock picking newsletter, futures newsletter, and hedge fund. He is the author of seven books. He has appeared on over 1000 TV shows and spoken at over 100 events.

Courtney Smith is the Chairman of the Investment Mentoring Institute, an organization devoted to building great investors. The Investment Mentoring Institute (IMI) provides training and mentoring for individual and institutional investors in stocks, futures, and foreign exchange.

Courtney is the Editor and Publisher of the WallStreet Wealthbuilder stock newsletter. He was the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Strategist of Orbitex Management, Inc. during the late 1990’s. Orbitex manages mutual funds and portfolios for institutions and individuals. He was the editor of Courtney Smith’s Wall Street Winners newsletter. This popular investment advisory newsletter ranked number one in performance by the Hulbert Digest.

Courtney is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Commodity Trading Consumer Research (CTCR). CTCR has been providing insights to the futures community since 1983. Courtney is the author of seven books, including Profits Through Seasonal Trading, (John Wiley & Sons, 1980), Commodity Spreads (John Wiley & Sons, 1981 and Traders Press, 1989), How To Make Money In Stock Index Futures (McGraw-Hill, 1985, paperback edition 1988), Seasonal Charts For Futures Traders (John Wiley & Sons, 1987), and Option Strategies (John Wiley & Sons, 1987, 2nd Edition 1996, 3rd Edition 2009) and Forex Trading, A Guaranteed Income For Life (John Wiley & Sons, 2010). Courtney is also the author of chapters in several books.

Courtney has been a featured speaker at investment conferences throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people.

He has appeared on over 1000 TV shows since on such national television shows as Wall Street Journal Report, and Moneyline as well as other shows on CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, and CNNfn.

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CEO and Co Founder, Naturals

Mr. C K Kumaravel is well known today as the co-founder of India’s premier salon chain, Naturals. Lesser known is the fact that he does not like the word “housewife”. Women, according to him, are naturally blessed at multi-tasking and have the innate capacity to be admirable and efficient entrepreneurs. He strongly feels that women should not be confined to the four walls of a house and it was with this idea in mind, that he encouraged his wife Veena to start the first Naturals salon in the year 2000. Originally conceived with the humble goal of achieving a break-even of Rs 60000, today one can find 480 Naturals salons in the country.

The company, Groom India, has been named so with a far sighted vision to groom the country. Mr. C. K. Kumaravel is convinced that once Indians look better, they feel better, and they will ultimately be more effective in whatever they do. He firmly believes in the LSD doctrine; a successful business needs the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, Goddess Saraswathi for wisdom and Goddess Durga for determination and strength to overcome all obstacles. This doctrine has helped him create and perfect a franchise system which is now a prosperous business model.

Training academies, which will function as a launch pad for young people looking to make a mark in the beauty industry, are the latest in the series of innovative ideas Groom India can take credit for. With a mission to create 3000 successful women entrepreneurs, 3000 salons and 50000 job opportunities word wide by 2017, Mr C K Kumaravel is now focused on widening the reach of Groom India across the country and Internationally.

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Rajiv Talreja

Author of the International Bestseller

Rajiv is the author of the International Bestseller and Amazon Bestseller book titled – “Lead or Bleed – How entrepreneurs and corporate leaders can stop fire-fighting and start accelerating performance and profits.”

He has been a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for the last 9 years and is known for the exponential growth he has created for his clients. He is on a mission to help small and micro entrepreneurs to build their Business in a manner for it to grow without them.

Rajiv currently runs two successful businesses – Quantum Leap Learning Solutions and DreamCraft Events. He has had two business failures in the past which he believes have been his best experiences. Over the last decade Rajiv has impacted over 50,000 people through his Training and Coaching Engagements across 250+ organizations.

What began as a young person's desire to help people transform their Life and Business has grown into Rajiv's lifelong crusade as he is called on by Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders to transform their Business and their Teams. He is best known as the ‘ROI guy’ thanks to his impeccable track record of creating tangible meaningful and measureable business transformations.

Rajiv has been honored the Responsibility Award of Leadership and Catalyst of the Year Award by People First, India. He was also selected as one of the Top 10 Future Leaders from India by Better Future, Netherlands and as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurship Stories from India by BNI, India.

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  • Financial Strategies and Investment Opportunities
    • How to make your money work for you instead of you working for your money
  • Success Strategies
    • Practical business and leadership skills you can implement at your work place right away
  • Marketing Strategies
    • How to grow your brand and make it more visible, how to attract and retain your desired customer, how to generate more sales and increase profits
  • Technological Insight
    • On cutting edge tools and systems
  • Dare to be Inspired
    • Discover strategies on how to dream big and achieve your dreams and find fulfillment in your personal and professional life
  • Small and Medium business owners
  • Entrepreneurs & start-up founders
  • Junior and Mid level executives
  • Trainers and Freelancers
  • Consultants & Branding Professionals
  • Working professionals who want to be entrepreneurs
  • Marketing & Sales professionals

An Invaluable Experience - Enriched me with so much Knowledge!

"NAC happened to me just at the right time. The knowledge i gained from the speakers of NAC enriched me professionally as well as initiated me on my path of self discovery and self development. What a brilliant journey it has been ever since! Ever grateful to Success Gyan and Success Resources for bringing world class speakers and trainers to us"

Looking forward to Implement what I gained

Very generous in the nuggets of knowledge shared. I'll definitely take baby steps and start putting what I've learned into practice. Without doubt, I'll be back for more."

Great way to be motivated in Business and Personal Life both

"Great content, huge value, very useful program for my business and life. Awesome!"

A Fantastic Platform for Learning

"Success Gyan and Success Resources has provided the best education platform for individuals to excel."

This is going to change my life in a Big Way

"I absolutely enjoy the seminar and think that anyone who has not attended this should do so. I've had so many takeaways that I can immediately implement that I know will change my life in a phenomenal way."

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